What Exactly Is An Employment Contract?

Employment contract is considered to be an integral part within the employment process. Most Canadian companies are making full use of employment contracts while hiring employees. Basically, employment contract is considered to be a kind of a legal document that clearly defines the term and conditions of a relationship that needs to be maintained between employee and employer. However, employment lawyer Toronto states that employment contracts should be placed for both higher level workers like executives as well as lower level workers.

Employment Contract

It is mandatory for an employer to provide their employees with employment terms. The statements that should be present within the contract should be the basic law that must be present for employees. At the same time, the contract can clearly define the boundaries or limitation of the employees. At the same time, it can state the expectation of employers from an employee.

In short, employment contract should be used when a business is hiring a new employee and they wish to mention the rights and obligation of both employee and employer.

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Important things about Employment Contracts

Employment lawyer Toronto states that employment contract should cover important things. For example, it should include information on the conditions under which an employee is eligible to receive compensation. A good and comprehensive employee contract should clearly mention about the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s.

However, at times an employment contract can go beyond the employment regulations. It can include names of both parties, i.e. employer’s organization details and employee’s full name and address. It should also provide information about the job joining date.

Often, it has been seen that employment contracts contain complicated legal jargons. In case, an employee does not have any technical idea about the employment law, understanding the law can become difficult. Hence, employment lawyer Toronto can help employees to understand the law in details.

Employment attorneys feels that if an employee feels that they need to understand the legal jargons in the right manner, talking to an employment attorney is important. Once they understand what’s within the employee contract they can easily protect themselves as well their employment rights.


Things to See Within an Employment Contract

Although an employment contract is defined as a formal agreement between employee and employer, it is usually executed for a certain period of time. For instance, an employer can have an employment agreement with their employee for a period of 1 year or more than that.

Employment attorneys state that employees should understand the contract fully before signing them. In fact, one should take time and ensure that all basic things are covered. Employment lawyer Toronto will ensure that following things are covered within the contract. They are:

  • Basic provisions
  • Overtime regulations and compensation
  • Termination pay
  • Benefits of an employee

If an employee wants an employee to take some time and review the contract there’s nothing wrong in that. Doing that can help an employee to get time to seek legal advice and ensuring the terms are applicable in your case.

It can be said that employment contract is very important for employees and employers. Employment lawyer Toronto can ensure that certain parts of employment contract can be negotiated for future purpose.