About us

What’s an invasive plant?

They are species that are not native to our region. They tend to grow rapidly, spread quickly and widely (through fruits, seeds or roots) and can grow just about anywhere. Think of them as “superweeds”. Click here to learn more about invasives.

 Why are invasive plants a problem?

• They outcompete and displace native plants that wildlife depend on.
• They can alter water flow and lead to erosion and/or less available water.
• They can create an increased fire hazard.
• Some contain substances that are toxic to people and animals.
• Each year in Greater Vancouver, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent controlling invasive plants.

The Greater Vancouver Invasive Plant Council is a non-profit society that works with individuals, organizations and municipalities to better manage invasive plants in our region. By working together to raise awareness of invasives and provide science-based information to control their spread, we hope to reduce the many impacts that invasive plants have on us – directly or indirectly.