Post-Conviction Consequences for Alcohol and/or Drug Impaired Driving In Toronto

If you live in Canada, you will know very well that getting charged for a DUI offense can be very serious. A DUI charge can prove to be very detrimental for the accused as it can affect them personally as well as professionally. After all, if one obtains a criminal record of impaired driving, it can affect them from getting a job in the near future. Hence, as soon as you get a DUI or impaired driving charge slapped against you, get in touch with a Toronto DUI lawyer.


Taking the Help of a Lawyer

Getting convicted for a DUI offense can be very risky. It always comes with a lot of penalties like heavy fines and even jail terms. Often, laws related to driving under influence can be very complex and for a common person it is very obvious that they might not know the law as well.  Not knowing the laws can prove to be very harmful while dealing with the case. In order to navigate safely through DUI, taking the help of a DUI attorney is always advisable.

The DUI attorney having vast years of experience in the field of DUI will ensure that their client doesn’t get wrongly convicted. Even if one is guilty, they would ensure that the accused receives less amount of punishment.

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A Lawyer Can Help Clients to Understand About Impaired Driving

Toronto DUI lawyer can help clients to have a clear idea about impaired driving. Basically, it means operating a vehicle while remaining under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In Toronto, it is a crime and under Criminal Code of Canada when one gets convicted under it, the consequences can be harsh. One might:

  • Lose their license
  • Need to pay penalty
  • Need to attend treatment program
  • End up in jail and get a criminal record

Don’t Get a Criminal Record

In case, one gets criminally convicted for impaired driving, the consequences can be very serious. For a first instance, there might be a fine and the person may need to attend driving program. However, when you will be having a Toronto DUI lawyer by your side, the attorney will see that you don’t receive a criminal record.

Avoid Suspension of License

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The DUI lawyer will ensure that their client’s driving license is revoked. In this respect, they can come with strong arguments so that the client gets back their license.

Help with Plea Bargain

One important thing about a Toronto DUI lawyer is that even after a person is convicted with DUI, the attorney can appeal for a plea.  Through plea bargain, the lawyer can ensure that the charges leveled against the accused get reduced. Once the charges get reduced a person may face less punishment and sometimes it can be also removed.

Successful Strategy

For fighting a DUI case, it is important to understand the defenses that can be applied. The DUI attorney having proper knowledge about the legal matters can provide clients with alternate options.  The attorney with right strategies can help clients to re-appeal the case and win it.


A Toronto DUI lawyer can come up with best strategies so that they stand the chance of reducing the conviction charge. Their main goal is to ensure success for any case they take up.